HTC Hero All But Officially Announced for Sprint

android_hero__officialThe fellas over at Engadget Mobile are reporting that they have seen the page shown in the image below.  They’re keeping the URL a secret, but this essentially wraps up the Hero to Sprint rumor.  There are still plenty of unknowns such as A)will it be exclusive, B) if so, for how long?, and C) Will there be a 3G GSM version in the states?


According to a previously leaked document, the rumored arrival date is October 11th.  It will be interesting to see how Sprint handles their first Android handset in terms of advertising.  How will they continue to push their Palm Pre and the Hero at the same time?

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    At lest the US will have some competition with the top 3 Smartphones being on different carriers. In the UK, o2 has the monopoly!