Samsung: Android Phones “Well Under $100″ by Next Year

samsung_logoTucked away at the very end of a NY Times article today is a little blurb that perked our ears up.  The piece is about the new Reclaim handset from Samsung and Sprint which is made from recycled materials and corn. It’s neat and all, but that’s not why we’re writing.  Here’s why – Samsung expects Android phones under $100 sometime next year.

Casey Ryan, the product manager for the Reclaim at Samsung, said that by next year, touch-screen phones, with full Web browsers running the Android operating system will be available for well under $100. – What’s Green, Made of Corn and Has Buttons?

“Well under $100″ he says.

We can’t imagine the specs are going to knock our socks off nor have too fancy design, but that’s okay with us.  If it allows for most (or all) Android apps to run, we’re all over it.  The market share could grow at a much faster rate than we’re currently seeing if they and Motorola drop in with low cost smart phones.

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