More HTC Fiesta Details – AT&T Bound?


htc_logoCellPassion is getting pretty good at digging up details surrounding upcoming Android phones.  Last time it was the LG Eve – this time it’s the HTC Fiesta.  We first reported a little rumbling back in April, but today we’re back with more information to pass along.

The specs gathered from an internal HTC page list details of a low-tier handset headed for AT&T.

  • ARM11 Processor
  • Phone Keypad
  • 240×320 Display
  • MIDI, AAC, MP3, 3GP, OGG,

If you are looking for the AT&T part, it’s in the URL.

As with all newly uncovered handsets, there are plenty of unknowns.  For instance, we have no idea what the price is nor the expected release date.  Check back with AndroidGuys to stay in the loop!

Thanks to infoSync for this one.


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