Motorola to “Blur” Android

moto_logo1The Motorola tipsters for Boy Genius Report have passed along some very interesting nuggets of information. It seems they plan to mesh all personal contacts and social networking indentities into one custom interface.

The user interface is called ‘Blur’ and will be built around the web.  Given the limited amount of information available, we gather it will allow users the ability upgrade, change different sections, and tweak the overall experience over the air. They mention the possibility of a ‘device key’ that users have to push all content and updates to the device.

Sounds intriguing yes? We’re on top of this one so be sure to stop back for updates as we get them.

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    • Yechick99
      June 06, 03:53 Reply

      i know mee too it wont tell me my password?!:)

    April 29, 02:02 Reply

    my motorola blur turns on ask for my existing account info, and after I enter it . It tells me that my account already exist and it would not open my phone! what can i do

  2. Anonymous
    May 04, 00:09 Reply

    I put passwd on phone now locked out 2 many times trying ..any suggestions.,..was told by Verizon I will lose all contacts

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