Archos Opens AppsLib for Android Media Tablets

screen_dev_big_appslibWe’re still trying to verify this officially, but we wanted to share what we have so far – ARCHOS has partnered to create an alternative Android Market.  What makes this one so special is that it’s for devices running larger screens like media tablets, mobile internet devices, and digital picture frames.

The site, called AppsLib,  is currently pretty low-key right now but it is open to developers looking to publish apps built for screens at 5″ or more.  Registration is open all new members until September 15th 2009.  Coincidentally this is when ARCHOS is rumored to be announcing their first Android device.  Legend has it we’ll end up with support for 800×480 resolution touch-screens, HDTV 1160×652 HDMI output, as well as full USB keyboard and mouse support.

AppsLib suggests following a few guidelines to those interested in submitting their apps.

  • 800×480 pixel in Landscape mode, or 480×800 in portrait mode
  • 720p Resolution
  • OpenGL accelerator

One of the first apps listed within the directory is DroidIn, a LinkedIn client for Android.

Thanks to Bo and Charbax for the tips!