Huawei’s 8220 Coming to T-Mobile as ‘Pulse’


huawei_8220The last half  of 2009 promises to be packed with Android handsets from (hopefully) all the major US carriers.  T-Mobile said they plan to offer handsets from 3 vendors this year, and many believe Huawei to be the one to join HTC and Motorola.

The last time we checked in, we were talking about the 8230.  A similarly-named/numbered handset called the 8220 might be the one that arrives on T-Mobile later this year.   The Huawei 8220 just got its WiFi Interoperability Certificate – and on said certificate is a reference to the model of “T-Mobile Pulse”. 

So far, the known specs to the 8220 consist of:

  • 3.5″touchscreen display
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
  • 3MP camera
  • 256 MB of memory, expandable up to 16GB via microSD

Sorry guys – that’s the biggest picture known so far!


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