Dell Handset Gets Official Unveiling – Hardly Worth the Hype

mini_3iNow we understand why Dell’s earlier phone designs were met with less than enthusiastic results.  The Mini 3i has been shown around and it’s lacking a few features that many smart phone users have come to look for.  Noticeably absent are WiFi and 3G connectivity.  Ouch.

The phone does have the  3.5″ touch screen and microSD card as previously rumored but nothing major to note.  There are also volume keys, a mini USB, and a 3.2 mega-pixel camera.  The handset is going to land on China Mobile in the near future and run the OPhone OS built off of Android.  Check back for pricing and the release date!


We’re still trying to figure out where the Benzine name comes from and/or the difference from the Mini 3i.  Anyone able to shed light on that?

[via gizmodo]

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  • Charming Chick

    Products from Dell have been popular for its quality and good services, but, how come they ignore the latest trend in the handset market. Hope, they would bring in necessary changes. Thanks.

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