Please Pardon the Dust

messy-office-03If you tried to visit AndroidGuys yesterday, you were likely greeted with either a) a white, blank page or b) a site that looked like code vomit.  Sorry about that folks.  We’re in the middle of trying to get everything moved to a new host.

As the interest in Android seems to compound daily, so does the traffic and stress load we’re placing on our host.  Too many connections at one time is what results in the “Error Establishing Connection” stuff you’ve probably run into recently.

Over the next day or so, we’ll be finishing things up and getting back on track.  We sincerely appreciate any patience you give us as we try to put these issues behind us.

If anything, it tells us that AndroidGuys is growing!

Thanks again ‘Guys!

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  1. advanced seo
    February 26, 02:13 Reply

    thanks for the update doing any more hosting and server setup?

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