Pader-Sync’s Mobile File Manager Apps Now Free for Personal Use

pader_syncPader-Sync‘s Mobile File Manager apps offer file transfer software for both commercial and personal Android users.  These applications are available in five versions and focus on secure and simple mobile access to file servers using protocols like FTP, SFTP(SSH), SMB and WebDAV.

The file managers PaderSyncSMB, PaderSyncFTP, PaderSyncSFTP, and PaderSyncDAV each focus on one specific protocol while PaderSyncFM is considered their all-in-one solution.  All of these applications allow to access file servers at home or work from wherever they are.  Advanced options give Android users the ability to the synchronization of complete folder structures and even to automate these tasks.

The free version allows users to copy personal files to and from a mobile device – maybe upload the latest photos to an Online Disk or a computer at home, or download music files. It’s a great deal for everyone to tap unused potential of their smartphone.” – Thorsten Schemm, developer

A  full-featured 30-day demo of the software can be downloaded by anyone interested in the apps.   At the conclusion of the trial period, the app automatically downgrades to the free version unless a commercial license is purchased.

The full license costs 18$ per device for single protocol solutions or 30$ for the all-in-one product.

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