T-Mobile Pulse Headed for Europe

huawei-pulse-tweakersThe T-Mobile Pulse (Huawei 8220) has been discovered (translated) to be headed for the Netherlands with an October release. Packed with 3.5″ (320×480) touch screen, the Pulse is slightly bigger than anything we’ve seen from HTC and Samsung.

Other specs outted inlcude a 3.2mp camera, a 1500mAh battery, HSDPA support, bluetooth, WiFi, and Exchange support. We’re huge fans of the cost – Around 250 euros ($350 US) with a memory card… unlocked!

We're giving stuff away to help celebrate our tenth anniversary. Are you in?

Release date is tentative with only ‘October’ but it ought to be nailed down soon.  You guys digging this phone or what?

  • I'll be the first in line for one! I've been waiting for an Android based phone with a larger screen before I switched from my G1. It needs to have the 3.5" screen at minimum for the on screen keyboard to work as well as the iPhone keyboard.

  • Jay

    yay for unlocked and cheap android phones!