Thanks For Hanging In

thank_you_heartI just wanted to drop a quick post in to thank you all for your patience.  We’re (finally) almost done with the site migration!  From here on out, the stuff that happens should be behind the scenes.

I’d like to bring you up to speed with a couple of things that should result in a better AndroidGuys experience…

Search Engine Friendly URLS: Switching from a Windows-based server to a Linux-based allows for the URL’s you see at the top to make more sense and look nicer than strings of numbers.  It also helps us with results on search engines too.

More stability: You should notice faster load times and considerably less downtime.  Our old setup did not allow for nearly as many concurrent connections at once.

As we put the final touches on the switch, we want to let you know that there may be goofy situations with images not loading or links that don’t go anywhere.  We did our best to try to alleviate that and clean up the old junk in the background, but there will be things we just missed.  I hope you understand we couldn’t get everything.

Thanks again to all of you for being AndroidGuys fans and for helping push us harder!

Scott Webster, Editor

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In addition to smartphones and mobile gadgets, Scott has a deep appreciation for film, music, and sunflower seeds. A husband and father, he likes spending down time riding his mountain bike or binge-watching TV. Scott has overseen the day-to-day activities of AndroidGuys since 2007.
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