Say Hello to Cloud TeleComputers’ Glass Platform

cloud_glassSan Francisco-based Cloud Telecomputers is shopping around the Android-based platform called Glass. Their unique combination of hardware and software takes traditional business phones and throws them in the cloud. 

Using an 8″ touch screen, users can manage calls, open applications, and more. The device also boasts HD speakerphone, Outlook support, and Bluetooth sync for mobile phones.

Cloud Telecomputers license their platform to phone and PBX manufacturers and handle everything including design, installing software and loading cloud-based apps.  The demo page on their site shows apps like Salesforce, LinkedIn, and UPS/FedEx tracking.

This is exactly the type of home phone system we envision with Android too. Put a front facing camera on there, install a few apps for social networking, messages, weather, and sports, and you have a winner. Companies like T-Mobile could do well to incorporate a phone along these lines with their @Home service.

If you’d like to see 3 demo videos, you can check them out here.

Cloud Telecomputers is funded by names familiar to tech and mobile follower including former Motorola CEO, Ed Zander.

  • Paula

    Look 5years ago I dropped my LAN line and vowed never to return. Cell phones companies should stay away from LAN Systems or anything like that. Old folks wont buy them and youngins like thier portability. Its not gonna work.

  • This glass platform is very useful and accessible to use. With the use if hardware and at the same time soft ware, you will be able to connect to others.

  • This is not what I want. I am looking for a smaller, compact and handy phone. I don’t need a wide screen to see all the icons on the mobile.

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