Droidify Hits Android Market, Leaves Quickly

spotify_logoSpotify is a peer-to-peer music streaming service that allows instant listening to specific tracks or albums. Users of the service have been waiting for both iPhone and Android versions of their mobile music app. We’ve seen a glimpse of how it will run on Android, but nothing has arrived yet.

Droidify looks to fill the void with their own Android client using an open API from Spotify. It has many of the same features expected in the official app except for offline playing when 3G or WiFi connections are not available. It landed in the Android Market last week and abruptly disappeared. So what happened?

According to a tweet, the developer agreed to pull the app from the market because of agreements between Spotify and music labels.

Just talked to @gustavs of Spotify and we agreed on me removing #Droidify because it violates Spotify’s arrangements with the music labels. – @bobcat_zed

So, we wait some more!

Did any of you get the app last week?  What did you think of it?

  • PiLi

    I managed to get a copy before it got pulled, it's a bit buggy but overall great!
    The app was pulled from the Market but it's still usable..
    For you peeps that can't wait for an official ver..there is a copy up at your local torrent tracker, just a tip..

  • Johan

    I had allready been using it for 2 weeks prior to the Market-release 🙂 <3 beta testing, and i must say that the version on Market was extremely solid compared to the first versions 🙂

  • su2lly

    I don't think Spotify is going to be Peer to Peer. I think it's more along the lines of Pandora but with the ability of pulling up specific tracks and making play lists. Just what I thought I read. I could be wrong.