Reader Feedback: What Phone Are You Most Excited About?

excited_droidIn preparation for tonight’s show, we’d like to get your feedback regarding upcoming Android phones.

Of all the handsets rumored or expected, which excites you most… and why?

Here are a few recent handsets that have been mentioned… not all of them!

If none of these appeal to you and you plan to hold on to your existing Android phone, tell us what you have and why.

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  • anoymous

    You forgot the Sony Ericsson one (Xperia if I remember correctly)! That's the one I'm excited about!

  • anonymous

    And also the geeksphone one

  • Chris

    An OS update for the Hero 😉

  • Sykes

    def the Xperia X3

  • Dmitry

    Waiting for Samsung Galaxy release in my country. Have T-Mobile G1 atm.

  • Daph

    The rumored UMTS version of the Moto Sholes. Snapdragon processor, 3.7" screen, keyboard, and could be on T-Mobile (fingers crossed).

  • If the InstinctQ comes to the UK, then so far that will be the one I’m looking for. I don’t know what the tech specs are, but physically it has everything I am after. It looks good, it has a physical keyboard and the keys are offset as they should be, not in a grid. So far, imo, the InstictQ is the only replacement for the G1.

  • – Sony Xperia X3
    – Motorola Sholes
    – Samsung Galaxy

    ….but I am really just excited for the first Android phone that will have the Qualcomm Snapdragon processor

  • ahmed

    im excited about the samsung bigfoot havnt heard anything about it in alooong time
    but in case that turns out to be just a rumor i would go with xperia racheal

  • i'm waiting for Xperia X3 and the moto Sholes. I plan on getting a mytouch 3g to hold me over

  • anything without the out of date 528Mhz qualcomm.
    I'm waiting for ANYTHING with a processor listed below (come on HTC, get with the programme!)

  • PJFonseca

    Galaxy 🙂 Not released in my country.

  • InstinctQ all the way or possilby the Sony. Motoorola looks a bit on the hefty side.

  • anonymous

    Any android phone that will go with sprint SERO plan (because it is $30, but it includes 500mins talk time and unlimited data)

  • DonIsGood


    …HTC HERO + 1Ghz Snapdragon + front facing camera + Éclair…


  • G1

    (it still rocks)

  • instinctQ

    not sure about the internals though

    but i like the idea of a hardware kybd

  • rob

    Anything running sony ericcson's rachel UI!

  • twoboxen

    Ditto, Antony. I don't even take a look at any phone once I see the amazing Qualcomm 528 revealed.

    My preference?
    1. Tegra
    2. Snapdragon
    3. Wait for 1 or 2.

  • patrick91

    xperia 🙂

  • namdroid

    I’m definately looking forward to the Sony Ericsson Racheal/Experia. Is it the same thing. I’m currently an American sourced, unlocked, G1 user in Namibia, Africa.

  • Stefan

    Sony Ericsson Xperia
    HTC Hero
    Samsung Galaxy (i7500)

  • Out of the ones listed, the Samsung InstinctQ. For me, the handset has to have a hardware keyboard.

  • Dan

    Samsung Galaxy

  • smyk

    I really love the keyboard on the G1. I would love to see a Android phone with a viewable screen similar to these new phones or iPhone, with the slide out keyboard, and with the storage/performance upgrades. THAT would be a killer phone.

  • TareX

    Tegra Android, Tegra Android, and Tegra Android.

    These are the only phones I'm interested in. Throw in a keyboard and you have my preorder money.

  • TareX

    Out of the ones already announced, I'd go for the Xperia 3 and the Sholes.

  • acreda

    Im happy of any android phone (even Qualcom 528's as long as they have more rom then the G1- you never know, 1.6 or 2.0 could be faster and the processer wont matter so much)

    what really needs to happen is for a good phone to come out cheep and get on to as many networks as possible so here is hopeing for a good price like for the Motorola Morrison, i think Moto can't give their phones away right now!

  • Xperia X3 or Motorola Sholes. ditto on the G1 keyboard being cool. I'll hate to give it up eventually.

  • casper

    Sony-Ericsson, Rapheal. High end competitor to iphone.

  • Sony Ericsson Xperia
    Samsung Galaxy (i7500)

  • Alex

    Sony Ericsson Xperia X3, that phone looks awesome.

  • Andy

    I love the UI on the Hero but the dream would be a Sense UI device with Tegra, AMOLED and slide out qwerty….. so unless any of the options come close I'll be waiting for that! (Whilst keeping any eye for similarly powered Snapdragons)

  • su2lly

    One phone. Motorola Sholes. As a long time Verizon Wireless customer, the phone selection has been the biggest drawback to staying with the carrier. In fact it’s been very hard sticking with them when T-Mobile has been embracing Android for over a year now. An Android phone on the Verizon Network is a huge step forward for consumers, Verizon and Android. It will also be interesting to see Motorola make yet another come back in the wireless phone market. I have seen this company counted out before, only to turn it around with a major product release. Hopefully Android will help Moto return to greatness. Let’s also hope the leaked Verizon release dates are correct.

  • james jones

    I was most excited about the SHOLES, but since it'll be on a CDMA network i've already moved on to the new ARCHOS MID. It's an exciting time for cool phone/gadgets.

  • Rob

    my g1

  • Chrees

    I'm still waiting for an official G1 replacement. QWERTY keyboard, faster, a 3.5 mm headphone jack, and a better design. I know HTC can make better looking phones than the G1! Give me those 4 things and I'll be a happy camper.

  • prmd142

    is it really that hard to come up with a device with:
    – 3.5 or 3.7″ AMOLED screen
    – 1 GHz Snapdragon or Tegra processor
    – 512 MB RAM
    – 1 GB internal memory exclusively for apps
    – No chins/jaws/ears/noses plz
    – Rooted by default
    Thanks, phone manufacturers for screwing up the android for us! hope android doesn’t endup like linux on desktop! and we’ve to say every year that next year is going to be the year of android:-(

  • Slim

    Sony Ericsson Xperia X3

  • daryl

    Definitely something with a keyboard and a decent processor/screen. I'm hoping the moto sholes fits the bill. But the Samsung Bigfoot may also be it. My contract ends in November, so if the Sholes is as good as I'm hoping, I would jump over to Verizon for it, as long as Moto's custom interface isn't too obnoxious and Verizon doesn't cripple any key features.

  • Jeff

    Of the phones I've read about, Sholes, provided Verizon doesn't cripple it.
    Ideally I would like: Google Experience, Tegra, 3.5"-4" screen, at least 256 MB RAM, 512 MB ROM, at least VGA Res, Slide out keyboard.
    AMOLED, HDMI out and HD would be a big plus, don't really care about 3.5mm jack

  • I would say I'm most excited about the HTC Hero, but my biggest concern with the device is that its Qualcomm 528 MHz CPU is rather dated by now. I'd like to see HTC release a handset with the Sense UI on Android 2.0, sporting either a Snapdragon or a Tegra processor, a 3.5 inch screen with VGA or WVGA resolution and a hardware QWERTY keyboard. I would get such a phone the moment it's released 🙂

  • johnkzin

    Right now? none. There isn't a:
    5 row physical qwerty keyboard

    phone on the way. The Moto Morrison is closest, but not enough keyboard, and kinda … toyish looking. More for the sidekick crowd, I think.

    Maybe if the Sholes and/or the InstinctQ were headed to T-Mobile or AT&T, I'd be more interested.

  • Morten

    Xperia X3 – Huge screen, fast processor. Though I hate their attempt at a flashy UI. Its just terrible. No problem to turn it off, though I feel that I'm paying them for the crap, and it just feels bad.
    Motorola Sholes – Sweet design, hardware keyboard, big nice screen. I also like the approach Motorola has on Android and that its their only focus. Depending on what the show at September 10th, this is very likely to be my next phone!

  • jeremy

    So far I will keep my g1. The next phone I buy will need a faster processor, a 5 row physical keyboard, better media and a good ol trackball.