TomTom: “We Cannot Ignore Android”

tomtom_logoTomTom, one of the bigger players in the GPS game, recently released their app for the iPhone with a $99 price tag.   According to pocket-lint, they’re hinting at a follow-up Android version of the title.  It makes sense as the platform offers decent sized touch screens with voice command capability.

We cannot ignore such a successful platform as Android. HTC is an important partner of ours and Android is becoming increasingly important too. – Benoit Simery, senior VP for TomTom onboard mobile

Would you want to shell out $99 up front for an app like TomTom or would you prefer to go the monthly route at $9.99 a la TeleNav?  What about other options like waze or CoPilot?

One thing is for sure – Android users will have plenty of options to choose from thanks to GPS functionality being built in to many phones.

Thinking Beyond Apps

Garmin Asus will be putting out a GPS device/phone before too long.  Would it surprise you to see TomTom make a similar move?

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  • sov

    Considering the quality of tomtoms maps i would definitely pay 100$ to have those on my Android phone.

  • eYe

    $100 is a lot for an app considering you can pick-up new tomtom one for about that (or less). But, if they give us some kind of trial period I just may go for it if they hurry up and release it soon.

  • eclipe

    Um…no – I'm not about to pay more for an app than I paid for the phone, and last time I checked the phone already has a full GPS, compass, maps, traffic, and routing through Google maps.

    I'd consider >maybe< $10 or $20 for the autonomous capability I'd get, but I already have other devices for extreme conditions and the average HTC/Google customer is an in-car/bus/urban type where data is generally going to be available.

    Heck – I can just buy a TomTom off their store for $99..

    Sounds to me like Tom Tom doesn't want to "ignore" HTC, because they know their time is limited as convergence continues to eat the market(s) for independant devices.

  • Veronica

    For that small price, I'd do it. I'm already a TomTom owner and I love my device, but I'm tired of carrying around an arsenal of electronics. I'm looking to make one device do it all.

  • Juanjux

    CoPilot Live already works nicely for Android for only 39$

  • David

    Personally, I think that the $39 that I paid for CoPilot is ridiculous (especially considering their horrible support…but that's another story). $99 for an app? Why would I pay the same price for an app that I'd pay for a full TomTom GPS unit when I'm supplying the hardware? Makes no sense.

  • I-Phone and Android Navigation apps and interfaces have a long way to go before they are even close to what low-end dedicated navigation systems provide in terms of UI and ease of use. I've used both for Navigation, and it is beyond rediculous to use the iPhone in leiu of the Magellan.

    That said, the writing is on the wall and it should be prepared for, but that day ain't here yet!

  • bigggmannn

    I just drove from Ohio to Texas with my google Maps on my mytouch and it took me straight to the door. I am not paying for something that I have and worked well so far.

  • eclipse

    oooh, how things have changed in only 14 weeks!

  • All of the major carriers are going to be implementing tiered data plans, so having a map application that stores the maps on the device and doesn’t need a data connection will make more sense.
    However as has been stated 100.00 is ridiculous for an app when TomTom sells a full unit including hardware for the same price. 40-50 is the absolute most they should be charging for the app.

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