December 21, 2014

Win a Year of TeleNav GPS!

win_telenav_jpgIt’s contest time! We had so much fun with our last giveaway that we’re ready to do it all over again. It’s an easy one to enter – If you have an Android handset, then you’re halfway there!

Same rules as last time…

Starting today and running through August 31st, readers can enter for a chance to win a 1 year subscription to TeleNav GPS for their Android handset. One copy will be given away to readers here on the site, the other will be awarded to our Twitter fans.

To enter the web drawing, all you have to do is leave a comment on this post. Nothing fancy needed, a simple “Count me in!” will suffice.

To enter the Twitter drawing you have to tweet how you would use TeleNav if you won. Your tweet must include #AGcontest somewhere in the body of the message. Have fun with it!  While you’re at it, follow us why don’t you?

  • Kalil S.

    count me in

  • nah0y

    I’m in !

  • Garrett

    eh, google maps and distracted driving work for me.

  • mattbsmith

    Count me in, as well!

  • Sam

    Count me in!

  • Mark Y

    Count me in!

  • David

    Count me in

  • bart

    Count me in!

  • nick

    Me me me

  • J.C.

    Im definately in!!

  • Edgar

    So in there!

  • dr0id

    Count me in

  • jretsky

    Wait! Don't forget about Me

  • gary

    I am so lost. Count me in

  • Jack

    count me in, too!

  • somuch2say

    I'm in I'm in!

  • Parris

    < = Winner!!!

  • rolefourlife

    Count me in!

  • Paulistain

    Count me in toooooo! :-) Good luck guys

  • Bob

    Count me in

  • Will

    I'd say count me in.

  • lordhong

    i need one!

  • Josh Eck

    I can use that!

  • cucumber

    Count me in!

  • beepeewms

    Def'ly count me in. thx.

  • VicMatson

    “Count me in!” will suffice

  • rac

    count me in ;-)

  • Patrick

    yes please

  • bwinger79

    Count me in!!!!!

  • ashley

    Count me in!

  • Rob

    I would love to use that!

  • Jesse

    A simple "count me in!"

  • Matt Soreco

    count me in. Congrats to someone else because I never win anything. :-)

  • BlueSohip

    I need this!

  • gootman

    I like contests, I'm in!

  • antbanks

    Hey… count me in plz!

  • John

    Count me in

  • Roman

    Count me in!

  • Mike

    Count me in!

  • Ryan

    “Count me in!”

  • velazcod

    COUNT ME IN! very nice thank you

  • robert+

    Cunt me in!

  • George

    Count me in, yo!!!

  • Frosty

    Im in.

  • Akim

    count me in

  • Luke Wallace

    Winning this would be cool, count me in!

  • David M.

    Yup, I'm in too ***

  • Luis

    Count me in!

  • Bryan

    Im down!

  • Goalie

    Count me in. I'm a monthly subscriber now and would love an annual :)