Two Good Android-Related Reads

two_good_reads3I wanted to pass along a pair of Android editorial/op-ed pieces that were sent my way.  I figured you guys would enjoy – I know I certainly did. Both are well written and researched and have some meat to them.  Be sure to leave a comment on their respective posts and share your thoughts whether you agree or disagree.

Android’s Attitude Problem deals with the fact that as of yet, we do not have the iPhone killer handset we’ve been hoping for.   So far we only have mediocre phones that sit comfortably in the middle of the road.  Where is the Android phone to get excited over?  The article is written by Chris Haseman, author of the book “Android Essentials.”

The other piece is called Why Android Will Win the Mobile App Wars and covers the topic of where mobile apps are headed (hint: the web) and how Google is poised to capitalize on it.  Shawn Smith opines that many titles for iPhone and Android are really web-based apps and that as more transition there, we’ll see less and less one-time fees.

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  1. ohrock
    August 26, 22:00 Reply

    Very interesting read. Thank you!

  2. Gears
    August 28, 07:29 Reply

    What about the Hero ? That's a killer handset??!?

  3. johnkzin
    August 29, 07:20 Reply

    psh. No iPhone killer?

    The iPhone isn't even good enough to use for wiping my butt.

    The G1 is the only phone on the market that I'd even consider buying (and I already did). The only phone that Android needs to be worried about, IMO, is the N900. Esp. if someone ports Canonical's Dalvik engine to it.

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