AT&T Not Helping Motorola’s Cause

moto_broken_heartIf Motorola wants to turn their ship around using Android, they’re not getting much help from AT&T.  The second largest US carrier has canceled plans to offer two smartphones expected later this year.

The two models, Heron and Sawgrass, were originally Windows Mobile devices retrofitted to run Android.  The problem is that the phones became outdated by time Motorola swapped out the OS.  The Sawgrass handset was aimed at teens while the Heron was designed for college students and young professionals.

In another blow, Verizon has pushed back one of two Android handsets they were expected to carry this year.  One thing is certain – The road to Motorola‘s recovery is paved with plenty of speed bumps.

  • Gary

    Good on them, we don't need more outdated Android hardware and I support AT&T on this decision, it might influence manufacturers to develop something a little more high end for us.