10 Reasons to Download Twidroid Pro

twidroid_widgetTwidroid has just unleashed the pro version of their popular twitter client into the Android Market.  They also released v2.5 of their ‘lite’  a few hours ago and it was already full of features.  Twidroid has been a strong one since its release and recently claimed a  top prize in the Android Network Awards, so we wondered just what else is there to add?  Are there features that people will pay actually for?  The answer is yes.  There is quite a bit left in the boys from Austria.

Here are the 10 differences between Twidroid 2.5 and Twidroid Pro.

  1. Multi-Account Support (merged & single view)
  2. Native support for bit.ly
  3. Video Posting
  4. List your followers & friends
  5. Color Themes
  6. Integrated buzz viewer (twittersphere)
  7. “Neat black pro application icon”
  8. Additional support for url shorteners and photo posting
  9. Future support for additional twitter features (if feasible)
  10. Home screen widget

Twidroid Pro sounds like it will be worth every penny they plan to charge for it.  Looking through the first few comments left in the Market, we see some happy users.

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  1. nicomag
    August 29, 06:53 Reply

    Sure Twittersphere isn't already on the basic version? (through the search menu)

  2. James
    August 29, 04:49 Reply

    Is this better than HTC’s peep?

  3. David
    August 30, 20:57 Reply

    Twittersphere is in the free version as well. But supporting Twidroid's development is the most important reason to BUY Twidroid PRO (you might adjust the title of the article).

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