January 31, 2015

Introducing Wikitude Drive

wikitude_driveMobilizy is showing off an early look at their augmented reality navigation system called Wikitude Drive. Billed as the first fully functional mobile AR navigation system for Android, it was created out of curiosity. Members of the team wanted to see if it was feasible to combine real-time navigation with mobile augmented reality.

Wikitude Drive is a fully-functional navigational system that overlays point-to-point directions using the camera and without the need for maps!  Head to Wikitude’s Drive page for more information.


  1. bratag

    All well and good but looks damn dangerous needing to view everything through the camera while driving.

    • john8611

      Your thinking youd need to drive using the phones camera..?
      Man its pretty much the same thing as any regular satnav product, cept rather than a map, your route is overlayed onto the cameras image