Mobilize ’09 Shaping up to be Android’s Biggest Event Yet

mobilize_09Next month’s Mobilize ’09 is shaping up to be the Android event we’ve all been waiting for.After waiting patiently over the last 18 months for the big Android coming out party.  Each time we expected a CES, CTIA, or MWC to deliver the goods, we came away feeling disappointed.  September 10th should all that.

As we look through the list of speakers, we sense that we should get a pretty clear picture as to what T-Mobile, Motorola, and other players have in mind for Android.   A few notables include Sanjay Jha (CEO Motorola), Cole Brodman (SVP, Chief Technology and Innovation Officer, T-Mobile) and the man himself, Andy Rubin.

Other names include members from Aloqa, Geodelic, Skyhook, Flurry and much more!  If you’re interested in attending the show next month, it’s held at the Mission Bay Conference Center in San Francisco, CA.  Registration for the event is found here.

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  • TareX

    I'm afraid that my dreams of getting an Android device won't ever materialize… not even if a Tegra Android with a qwerty gets released tomorrow….

    I found out that NVIDIA sent out APIs for Tegra based on WM only, which makes sense, as Android still doesn't support OpenGL ES 2.0. And even if it did, we'll have to wait for a decent dev kit…. then a few more months for the very first programs…etc.

    Moreover, the Zune HD has Tegra AND and App store to compete with the iPod Touch and its store… which says that Windows CE's Tegra library will be much, much bigger than what Android's ever will… so… (sigh).

    • Crypto

      Why does it have to have Tegra ?

      What about an Android phone with similar specs to (and possibly faster than) the iPhone 3GS but with a Qwerty ?