First Look at the New Android Market

android_market_refresh_003Taylor over at cnet’s Android Atlas has a few reliable sources who have been providing a steady stream of fresh Android intel.  If you haven’t had a chance to visit the, we definitely recommend it.  Today’s crop of goodies include a pair of pics that show how the new Android Market refresh will look. According to the tipster, this is how the market should look on the Motorol Sholes.  For those new to Android, the Sholes handset is expected to be launched on Verizon with Android 2.0 as the OS. 

As of right now, the two pics are how the Android Market will end up looking.  No word on how old the images are or what has changed (if anything) since they were snapped.  Notice the filters to free and paid apps on the main screen.  No longer will users have to hit menu and then change the view in order to sort them by those two parameters.  There’s also a “Just In” radio button to select which presumably filters to show the latest apps added to the market.


We’re a big fan of all the added color.  The market now looks more in line with the rest of Android’s apps and not so dullsville.   The search icon looks like it will be at the top of all pages within the Android Market as it too gets moved out from under the menu button.  Another feature to note is the listing of a few app titles under each category.

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  1. @stefanhallen
    September 01, 07:04 Reply

    I don't get why they don't add "filter by number of stars" in android market. Sucks.

  2. c0z
    September 01, 06:42 Reply

    I am glad they made those three buttons readily available. I find it silly that paid is first considering the user base, but we all know why. From the two pictures I can see: looks -better- but wondering if it will be -slower-.

  3. keef_
    September 01, 12:35 Reply

    What I want is to be able to pay by paypal, or any means that stops me paying £1.50 to my bank for buying a £0.79p piece of software. It is disgusting that UK subscribers to tmo get charged for a foreign transaction!!

  4. @AndroidJunky
    September 01, 13:07 Reply

    I'm looking forward to it… comparing to the current market it only can get better 😉

  5. John
    September 06, 04:57 Reply

    I agree with Stefan, the current market is so bad it’s sad. They should scrap the lame categories and just install multiple filters by date, stars, popularity and review terms. They also need a way to block those damn dave chappelle audio recordings which are sound files and not true “apps”.

  6. appdev12372
    May 17, 14:51 Reply

    Just read about Android updating the Droid site. Honestly, I never use them for apps as there are better marketplaces out there like RawApps. Even AppBrain is okay (very sloppy tho) in comparison to the actual Android market. Very sad!

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