Tsk Tsk Sunday Times

tsk_tskI came across a piece from The Sunday Times yesterday that I felt compelled to ‘respond’ to.  It’s a misleading article and only appears somewhat researched. This will not be a line-by-line response – I’ll just point out a few things that didn’t sit so well with me.

Let’s start with the title which is “Google fails to squeeze into smartphone market‘.  Ouch.  Seeing this, one would get the sense that Google has already packed it it after failing to get Android off the ground.  Not only are they squeezing into the market, but they’re doing quite well for themselves.  Take a look at AdMob’s latest (worldwide) numbers which show Android ahead of Windows Mobile, on par with BlackBerry and headed right for Apple.

Further into the article, there’s a quote from Harry Wang, an analyst at Parks Associates who says, “After the G1 was introduced I expected more products to arrive featuring Android. The pace is so slow.”  Yes, we’d all love to have had more Android handsets by now, but we’re not surprised.  It takes an average of around 18 months to get phones from concept to finished product.  While Android is supposed to speed the process along, I wouldn’t call the pace so slow.  We’ve just crossed the 18 month threshold and already have 3 HTC phones and a Samung on the streets.

Wang mentions that people love Apple for the customer experience and that so far Android hasn’t offered much in that regard.  You can’t have it both ways Harry.  Do you want an army of ‘me too’ phones or a choice between hard unique customer experiences?  One takes longer than the other.

I’m sure there would be more phones out by now if handset makers wanted to simply load stock Android 1.5 on them.  Fortunately for all of us, many of them are putting their own UI on top of Android to help differentiate them.  Once these companies have systems in place, they’ll be able to pump them out the door.

It’s an uphill battle trying to evangelize Android and get people turned on to the platform.  It’s especially challenging when sites with a reach like The Sunday Times stand in the way.

  • Ally

    Same half thought through journalism in all Mr Murdoch's papers. You can bet your mortgage that the hack that wrote it has an iPhone.

  • carig

    the beginning of the article goes through the saga of Andre Torrez and reading it you would think he hated everything about android and will never try it again, when if you read his actual blog posts, most of the things he says about android are actually positive and most of his complaints, he says, are with the G1 hardware specifically, he even talks about how he is still planning to try a Hero and "really put android to the test"

    this article seems like a pathetic bashing of something that hasn't had the chance to really reach it's potential yet

  • "It is almost two years since Google launched Android but so far it has disappointed."
    really ?

  • [quote][quote]
    "It is almost two years since Google launched Android but so far it has disappointed."
    really ? [/quote]

    Hmmm I didn't even preorder my G1 until september of last year. So I haven't even had it for a year.