Archos Details Leak on Eve of Official Announcement

archos_a5_with_dockArchos is all set to show off their upcoming Android media devices on the 15th so act surprised when that day comes, okay?  Just pretend like you don’t know anything about what they’re going to announce.  We just checked our inbox to find a few details on the upcoming Android-based tablets and we liked what we saw!

The fellas over at ArchosFans just posted a screen grab of 4(!) versions of the A5 media tablet. It will be available in both flash (SSD) and hard drive editions.

  • 16GB SSD = $294
  • 32GB SSD = $370
  • 160GB HDD = $320
  • 500GB HDD = $420

There’s also a DVR docking station you can add on for $130 if that’s your style.


So now that we got the important stuff out of the way, what’s your takeaway?  Is it in line with what you expected?

  • Andrex

    The 32GB SSD version is $24 less than the 16 GB one? Odd.

    Anyways what's most important to me is the US launch date. The other details are largely irrelevant.

    • The 16GB is not SSD, its HDD. Its just a typo on this page.

  • legendary1022

    Yawn… I'm more excited when someone puts their codec support and multimedia features and ports them onto existing android phones. My Samsung Galaxy is in need of some divx support.

    I can see how this could be appealing to a lot of people though. PMPs/Internet devices just don't do it for me anymore. The only time I actually use my Zune is in the car, everywhere else I just carry my perfectly capable phone for music and podcasts. Looks nice though. Archos is well known for putting out very nicely featured portable devices, it just duplicates functionality for me so I'll pass.

  • sabrebutt

    Why can't they follow the icon guidelines for android?

  • stevec

    The ones with less memory cost more because they are flash based and not HDD based.