December 20, 2014

Ipadio Releases Audio Blogging/ Mobile Broadcasting App for Android

ipadio_002Are you and Android owner with a blog?  You might want to check out the new app called ipadio for Android.  It’s a clever tool in that it allows users to stream live audio to their web site or pre-record up to 60 minutes clips for uploading and posting later. That’s right! You can post to your site by talking into your Android phone.

Callers can use SpinVox’s voice to text service to produce title, tags and even transcripts. Ipadio also allows for other typical blogging features such as adding (up to) 4 photos from the phone, geo-locating their call, and integration with with twitter, Facebook, and other social networking tools.


Listeners have the ability to subscribe to each “channel” as a podcast in iTunes, within an ipadio account, via RSS or by traditional email.

You can grab the app in the Android Market now.  Oh and by the way, it’s free!

  • @GodsMoon

    No QR code… I'm disappointed

  • @GodsMoon

    for convince there is a QR code here:

  • @GodsMoon

    I just found this by the way. Very Useful!

  • James Dalkeith

    What is a QR code?

  • Vertu Replica Phones

    I'm waiting for this app!!

  • James

    It's available right now on the market! Head over to for a QR code!

  • host review

    sounds like an awesome app.