Is This the Sprint Version of the HTC Hero?

sprint_hero_001You know that HTC Hero that is rumored to hit Sprint sometime over the next few months?  That one that’s allegedly going to be up for pre-order at Best Buy stores in a few weeks?  Yeah, well it ain’t gonna look like the Hero overseas.  If the images here prove to be right, the US version will not have the HTC chin we’ve all come to (ahem) love.

According to a site called, the phone you’re looking at is the Hero200 which recently received its FCC approval.  Aside from the design changes, what else is different?  It’s hard to say.  When it comes to the under-the-hood stuff, all we know is that this has a 528MHz Qualcomm processor, 288MB RAM/512MB of ROM, and a 5 megapixel camera with auto focus.  All the same as the UK edition.


EDIT: As many of you have pointed out, the following pictures are obviously a different handset.  We were a bit hasty in putting this up at such a late hour.  Apologies!

We’re waiting to hear more on what it might be, but the directional pad looks very much like what is on the HTC Click.



The color certainly is Sprint-y, isn’t it?

We’ll be watching this rumor and bring you anything new that comes to light.  For more pictures, check out!

What do you guys think?  Are you a fan of this design?

Source: ClonedInChina

  • Eh, the pictures are not of the same device? One with trackball, one without.

  • And buttons are also different.

  • petr

    they should have removed the fingerprints before taking the pics :/

  • TareX

    I'm as anti-chin as it gets, but I still prefer the original Hero design….

  • Bil Gates

    What a damn ugly phone, the original hero is a lot better

  • I think picture 2 is a whole different device! weird.

  • nick

    Isn’t that the click?

  • @nick

    don't think so, but it's definitely not the Hero200 hehe.

  • Parris

    This is definitely two different phones…

  • Frameshifter

    I was all ready to grab a hero (I love the chin) from sprint and ditch the blackberry. If this ends up being the sprint version I'm going to be disappointed.

  • schuess

    I really hope this post is wrong. Otherwise i may be attempting to buy the UK version. After watching months of videos this thing is ugly.

  • The other phone pictured is the HTC Touch Cruise. It's a Windows Mobile handset and was the first one to feature HTC's GeoTagging Foootprints software (which is also on the HTC Hero) .

  • I knew I'd seen it somewhere 🙂

  • xOneSainTx

    I think the Sprint Hero looks like complete CRAP! The original HTC Hero looks so much better. That means there is hope for us Tmobile USA owners will get the HTC Hero/G2 Touch soon here in the states, and if it comes I'll buy it full price. I'm still under contract for my G1, but the ORIGINAL Hero looks sooooooo much better.

  • xOneSainTx

    The more I look at the pictures it looks like its almost designed to look similar to the Palm Pre.

  • mike

    this phone looks polished and all, but the original looks way better. I liked the sharp edges and industrial look. This one just looks boring to me. The original still better come to the states… or both, I'm fine with both coming here.

  • mieses

    It's ugly, chintzy, and evidently fits some merketer's perception of American taste. The original teflon white Hero was sexy compared to this gilded turd!