Purported Galaxy Lite Pic Emerges

samsung_galaxy_lite2One phone we haven’t really covered here on AndroidGuys is the Galaxy Lite.  Rumored to be the smaller sibling to the Galaxy 7500, little is known about this handset beyond the model number.  What you are looking at is alleged to be the first pic of the Samsung I5700 “Galaxy Lite”.

Thanks to FrAndroid, we have a couple of specs to go with today’s image.  According to their source, this phone will have 3G, WiFi, and a trackball. Further, the user experience is said to be the “With Google” that current G1 and myTouch 3G owners get.  There’s no visible home button so we’re curious to see how that situation pans out.

The one question we really want answered is “What makes this Lite?”  Less storage?  Different screen type?

First ImpressionWhat are your thoughts when you look at this handset?

Via Samsung Hub

  • David M.

    Not a bad looking phone … digging the track ball

  • DMAGIC448

    If given the choice, Ill take the regular i7500. No AMOLED & less storage makes it a less stylish MyTouch 3G! Besides, if they want to get people to pay for more apps they need to come out with a phone with more than 512Mb of storage!

    • David M.

      I agree part of the issue with the Android market are the specs on the phone. I love Android, I tell people about it all the time, how great it is but with out the hardware to back it up all of it means nothing. I bought my wife the G1 about a year ago, awesome phone but I don't think MB for internal memory is acceptable for a platform like Android. I do not have an Android phone I've been patiently waiting for something worth buy and I get the feeling that I'm not the only one on this boat….

  • im thinking fuuuuck
    ive been waiting for the samsung glaxy for months and just as its about to be realeased two weeks from now i see this
    im like shit
    this better have lame specs
    diggin the colours and the trackball