Unconfirmed: Sony Ericsson Rachael Dropping in December

xperia_decemberOne of the most anticipated Android handsets, the Sony Ericsson Xperia X3/Rachael might be getting a December release.  That is of course providing the following information proves to be true.  According to PDAdb.net, the expected release is December of this year. As the title of this post indicates, we have nothing to confirm this so treat is accordingly.

Some of the specs that make the Rachael so appealing:

  • 1000MHz processor
  • 256RAM/512ROM
  • 8MP Camera
  • 4″ 360×640 Touch Screen

Thanks Pieter!

  • tecnologyman

    Great I hope it comes here so I can change my g1 for that.

  • UZack

    Anyone know if it will be on T-Mobile? Verizon? ATT? Sprint?

    • David M.

      According to the post it has quite a few bands it would work on including GSM 1900 which I believe TMO uses

    • I'm guessing it wont be any of those.
      The bands indicate that it will be released en europe first and phones over here are usually not tied to a particular carrier.

  • David M.

    That's going to be a Christmas present to myself haha …

  • Sir Michael

    I'm dying here. my contract runs up in 3 weeks, and now i'm going to have to wait til december to finally decide which phone i'm picking up. oh the choices keep getting harder.

  • Chris

    If past performance indicates future performance, SE will delay this phone into 2010.

  • M-M

    @David M: Nope… TMO_USA 3G frequencies are 1700 up 2100 down, so this phone is going elsewhere, if it is even relased in the US. Too bad!

    • Really? Are you sure about that? Pretty sure T-Mo runs on a GSM 1900 network.

  • Looking at the Snapdragon chipset page may reveal some more features:

    I really hope they'll use the support for DVB-H.

  • Robert

    High end Sony phone like this one aren’t usually carried by a carrier, but sold as an unlocked phone. Doubt any carrier will have it.

  • David

    M-M, bwinger79, david M – You're all right. Edge is 1900, 3G is 1700 / 2100.

  • Poster

    when did the resolution drop down to 360×640 ??
    I think thats just wrong, should be 800×400 (close)

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