What is Verizon’s HTC Desire 6200?

verizon_htc_6200New phone alert!  Someone over at Phone Arena was passed a pic of an internal Verizon computer screen.  There is nothing to add to this other than their tipster claims it’s a Google branded experience.  It’s the first we’ve seen of this model and/or codename but our radar is on for more details.

So there you go… another Android phone to think about!

We’ll be sure to pass along specs, prices, and pics as they come in.

Thanks for the tip, Dimitar!

  • Tommy

    I'm looking forward to an Android device for my Verizon account, replacing my BB. Would rather have anything besides a Motorola due to admittedly dated experiences with their lame phones. I hope that the Desire rumor is true, as I do want Android but have a friends and family plan with Verizon that makes sense for me personally.

  • I’m planning to buy a new phone but i don’t have the idea on which phone will i buy, i will be waiting for the specs of this phone. thanks