HexageGames Introduces us to TOTEMO

totemo_splashHexageGames, the company behind the adorable Buka, have submitted their second title to the Android Developers Challenge 2.  Called TOTEMO, the game promises to be ” a mind-soothing logic/puzzle game designed for all people who like intelligent gameplay atmosphere and a freedom to play at their own pace.”  SOLD!  I’ll take two please.  These are the exact types of games I like playing best.

TOTEMO will have over 60 puzzle tasks and offer two modes of game play: Story mode and a Survival mode.  Survival mode is a tad bit more challenging and also allows players to see where they stack up on the online leaderboard.

Here’s a sneak peek/intro to the game.

Look for TOTEMO at the end of next week (September 11th)!



I’ve received a copy of the game so I’ll be playing with that in the coming days so keep an eye out for my review!  If the game is anything like Buka, I expect a very polished game with fantastic graphics, cool music, and innovative controls.

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  1. David M.
    September 03, 22:10 Reply

    This is definitely buying this app if I can ever get my hands on a Galaxy or Rachael …

  2. Dixie
    October 10, 22:36 Reply

    Where is this game This Is Oct 10 2009 . I am excited about this game.

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