Sprint “Announces” HTC Hero

sprint_hero_001Sprint is finally putting the word out that they’re bring the HTC Hero to their network. We should be clear – there are no press releases or conferences to report on here.  What we have is a little behind-the-scenes announcing for you.

According to the Sprint Applications Developer Page, the Hero is coming to Sprint.  It appears they are getting ready to rally the developer troops.


Announcing the HTC Hero, which will be the first Android device running on the Sprint network.

By the end of September, the Sprint developer program will deploy an Android development section that will highlight some resources, value added services applicable to all android developers.

Now the question becomes, which Hero will we see?  Chin or no chin?  We’ve got a reliable source who tells us that the new-look Hero is the one we’ll see here in the US.

Thanks to everyone who sent this in.  We traced it back as far as we could and arrived at phandroid.

For those who might be interested, the annual ADP conference is coming up in October.  This year’s event is somewhat different than those in the past as it marks the first Open Developer Conference.  The plan is to have attendees learn “how to leverage the full suite of open development capabilities available from Sprint” for platforms like Android, Mobile Java, Palm Mojo, and more.

Registration for the show is $350 but you can save $100 if you sign up before September 15th.

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  1. David M.
    September 03, 14:51 Reply

    The phone looks a bit different than the original Hero less of a chin; it's still ther but more of a curved chin

  2. TareX
    September 03, 15:40 Reply

    Fugly, fugly, fugly compared to the original HTC Hero.

    Which proves, the Original HTC Hero was a fluke in HTC's Android designs.

  3. Pete
    September 04, 17:10 Reply

    One thing: ITS ABOUT TIME!

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