Video of T-Mobile Pulse in Action [VIDEO]

t-mobile-pulse-2The guys over at Engadget were able to play with the new T-Mobile Pulse and lucky for us, they recorded the experience.  The video is short at just over 2 minutes, but it gives us a glimpse into how T-Mobile and Huawei changed the interface up.

There’s a 9-pane (3×3) home screen which seems somewhat confusing at first.  We could see it become pretty convenient once acclimated to it.

  • impressive!

    there's definitely some momentum building in the android world

    google/andriod is gonna *crush* apple/iphone!!

    • BackInAction

      I agree. Now if all of the "new phones" would come out tomorrow, I'd really appreciate it. I want to get a new phone, but there seems to be a new announcement every other day that makes me wait another week or two.

  • TareX

    I'm very disappointed by the evident slugginess of the homescreen. Why did it have to lag so bad?

  • hmm? looks smooth to me!

  • I posted my HD quality video of it here

    You are welcome to embed that as well if you want.

  • foo

    It is a real shame the degree to which android is being fragmented by different oems. Between this and HTC's sense ui which both pretty much hide the fact that it is android at all, and the default Android, there might be a lot of android devices but there won't be much mindshare with the public because they won't even know they are all android.

    GPL'ing android was a good idea in some respects but I actually wish google had more control over the platform to maintain some ui and branding consistency.

  • eh.. that's gonna happen

    competition between the various vendors though will stimulate innovation – look at the hero's UI and now the pulse (wow!)

    i like the direction its going

  • this is nice.. welcome new competitor..

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