Spotify Mobile Available for Android – Premium Members Only


spotify_logoAfter quite a bit of anticipation, the official Spotify Mobile client has been released for Android.  Available strictly for their premium members, the app allows for users to stream music over your phone using  WiFi or EDGE/3G. One can also add music using their mobile device and/or web client and have them sync up immediately. The coolest feature, as detailed below, is that the app will play your music when there is no data connection available. Yup, you can make a travel playlist and then listen to it while on an airplane!

The monthly service runs you £9.99 per month, ($16.35 US) and is currently only available in France, Norway, Spain, Sweden, and the United Kingdom.

Here’s the video preview of the app which showed up back in May.


  1. The app is simply astounding. I got to try it yesterday. Logged on the phone. Had all my playlists there instantly. Hit a song, waited 0.5 to 1 sec (on 3g) and bam. Can sync up to 3333 songs and go into "force offline mode" and can stay in offline mode an impressive 30 days before needing to say hi to the servers again. Thats even better then being able to do download the music as everything is fully automatic. Sick. A few bucks a month for 6 million (and rising) tracks is nothing.

    Best. App. Ever.