Android Market Estimated to Have 10,000 Apps

10kAndroid Market alternative/assistant Androidlib estimates the number of apps in the market to be a shade over 10,000.  While it’s nowhere near Apple figures yet, the number is worth shouting about.  Google just put the total number of apps near 5,000 back in May.  If these figures are right, that’s 100% growth in less than 4 month.  With the number of handsets and carriers getting in on Android, the number of apps is likely to skyrocket near 20,000 by the end of the year.

Other figures worth sharing:

  • Approximately 64% of the apps receive a satisfactory rating and another 12% or so are getting moderate levels.
  • Roughly 64% of the apps in the Android Market are free
  • Less than 1% of the titles in the market have seen more than 250,000 downloads
  • About 24% of Android Market apps have been downloaded over 5,000 times

Remember that these figures are not official, nor are they even from Google.  Having said that, it’s good to see the Market growing this quickly.  Now, if we could just keep the quality trend going… Here’s hoping the ADC 2 brings out a new generation of