Hands On with the Samsung Galaxy Lite [VIDEO]

galaxy_lite_001You gotta love days like today.  You come back from a holiday weekend to find all kinds of goodies in the inbox.  The folks over at the ai.rs blog have gotten their hands on a Samsung Galaxy Lite and were kind enough to snap a few pics of it.  Oh, and there’s a short (1:45) video of it too.

Check it out!

It appears that Samsung wanted to squeeze a few more buttons on the phone.  We’re kinda diggin’ the lime green and white combo on this one.  Although the OS looks to be your standard, out-of-the box Android (1.5) it looks nice with this form factor.  Should see a decent amount of appeal once it’s released.

Thanks Marko!

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  • http://intensedebate.com/people/Deinfinityx Deinfinityx

    Not a bad looking phone at all. If it comes to Tmo it might definitely be my next phone.

  • http://omgubuntu.co.uk d0od

    Oh. my.

    That's one sexy phone!

    not too keen all the myriad of buttons – it's like a smarties tube fell over during the design, but given i'm getting a new phone (my first Android puppy!) in the autumn it's going to be between this and the T-Mobile Pulse.

    Any word on storage capacity? I'd hate to buy it and find i couldn't receive anything past 1.5

  • Scott

    Looks pretty, but I'm one of those folks that really wants a slide out keyboard. Still, it's nice to see Android phones coming out that fit all sorts of tastes.

  • Hetal Patel

    Original Samsung i7500 had only 128 mb ram

    I expect they must be having 256 or 288 MB RAM inside this new device

  • http://www.jfseostudio.com JF SEO Studio

    i dig the neon green for the samsung galaxy lite. pretty cool

    ~ free apple ipad visit http://tiny.cc/2LEE0

  • https://muhammadf0628.student.ipb.ac.id cuppy

    yeah love spica.. just bought it and i love it..