Rumor Du Jour – HTC Touch HD2 to Get Android Makeover

ht_touch_hd2The rumor getting the most play these last few days is that HTC is looking to make the Touch HD successor into an Android handset.  Expected to be called the Touch HD 2, the phone is jumping from Window Mobile to our favorite green robot.

So where does a rumor like this get started? We traced it back to Register Hardware who claim conversations have started regarding the transition.

What makes the Touch HD such a good phone? Well, for starters, the processor starts out around 100MHz faster. Oh, and it looks like this…


Many will agree that the first model was too good to carry the Windows Mobile moniker.  The form factor of the original is everything us fanboys wanted out of Android.  Slim, sleek, ans sexy.  We look forward to learning more about this and will gladly share anything we can gather.

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  1. LipGloss712
    September 08, 02:39 Reply

    Oooh this phone is sleek! I would totally get it.

  2. David
    September 08, 11:42 Reply

    Wouldn't that be successor not predecessor?

  3. Barwin
    September 08, 13:48 Reply

    God, I hope these rumors are true! What a phone… iPhone, eat your heart out!

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