You Tell Us: What’s Your Prediction for the Motorola Announcement?


moto_questionsWe’re only days away from learning exactly what it is that Motorola has up their sleeves in regards to Android.  An official announcement is scheduled for September 10th but we want to pick your brain today. 

What is your last minute prediction for Motorola’s conference?  Anything special or unseen?  What do you think the public reaction will be?  Share your thoughts in the comments and we’ll use them on the AndroidGuys Weekly Show!

You can also call us up and leave a voice mail with your predictions.  We’d love to hear from you!

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  1. My prediction? Nothing to be excited about–likely a multitude of low/mid-end devices to flood the market. PLEASE prove me wrong, Moto!

  2. Motorola: Sholes, Morrison
    Google: Android 2.0 and the Bluetooth API for Android.

    The BT api needs to make it out if we hope for more than just bluetooth headsets. I hoping for heart-rate and cadence monitors 😀

  3. Unfortunaley I agree with Twoboxen … same bland vanilla phones that Android has out in the US … this really blows, The only thing that I'm really excited about is thier UI …I still have hope to be proven wrong on the phones ….

  4. 1. 2 New Motorola Devices with Different FOrm Factor
    2. Latest Google Release may be 1.6 or 1.9 with Latest Android Market and Some APIs
    3. More from Motorola too for Software part as HTC have Sense UI Moto might be Releasing a so called Community Phone (Facebook, MySpace, Twitter etc etc in Single GUI)

  5. My prediction: no firm "on sale" date will be given for the Sholes, and will be held up for months waiting for android 2. 🙁

    Other than that, I'm hoping/betting that it will have at least the OMAP3 processor in the palm pre, but afraid it will be something lighter duty.

    I'm also a little worried about the UI, I never thought that was a strong point for Motorola.

  6. Not a lot of new info but this is from the zdnet blogs this morning:

    "Global Equities analyst Trip Chowdhry writes:

    Contacts have seen the new Motorola Android Phone, and all feel the phone is extremely well designed, and probably may be a winner. Contacts tell us that it is slimmer than iPhone, capacitive touch screen seems more precise than iPhone and feels faster than iPhone. The native processing of code on Motorola is much faster than anything out there."

    Link here: