Listen Up: Podcast #17 (Cloud Telecomputers)

ag_podcast_0909Last night was another great show featuring your some of your favorite Android bloggers! Nick, Taylor, and Andrew stopped by to chat, share opinions, and weigh in on recent Android news.  In overall terms of Android, this was one of the biggest weeks we’ve had yet!  Lots to talk about, including the HTC Hero (Sprint), T-Mobile Pulse, HTC Click and more. 

If you are a developer, or part of a development team, you may be interested in our special guest.  Jim Willenborg, Founder & Chairman of the Board for Cloud Telecomputers was on to talk about their Glass Platform and where it’s headed.

  • 00:00 – 46:30 | Jim Willenborg, Cloud Telecomputers
  • 48:00 – 62:40 |HTC Hero (Sprint)
  • 62:40 – 71:25 | T-Mobile Pulse (UK)
  • 71:30 – 86:30 | HTC Click
  • 86:50 – 90:50 | ODROID
  • 91:00 – 97:00 | Archos A5
  • 97:10 – 107:00| Facebook & Pandora for Android
  • 107:10 – 115:00 | Motorola Event & Last Minute Predictions
  • 115:00 – END | Wrap Up & Announcements

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  • Chris Cook

    The price you quoted for the T-mobile pulse where wrong, a site had a typo and everyone seemed to copy it, the price is either £5 a month for 1GB (which just comes out of your credit) or upto £1 a day (I think you can use about 50MB/day) and again that comes out of you pay as you go credit. The only bummer with the pay as you go internet is you have to have 50p or somthing like that on your phone to connect to the internet.