Quick Look: Pandora for Android

pandora_qlI thought I might take a few minutes to give you a quick walkthrough of the new Pandora app for Android.  Nothing extremely detailed, just an overview of some of its features.  It’s a great app for those of you into streaming music.  After a day of playing around, I think it’s a definite keeper.

  • Noticed that Pandora (in general) isn't available over in the UK yet. Shame – it looks good.

  • chris


  • TareX

    Great review. It looks even better than the desktop version, especially with that amazing widget.

    How does it stack up against the Windows Mobile version? I'm asking because I'm thinking of getting a Tegra WM phone, now that WM is fluid and sleek, and that Tegra APIs were distributed for WM only (for the Windows CE-based Zune HD games and apps)

  • TareX

    just saw the year old WM version… not good…

  • Playing Pandora for the last 90+ Minutes off Edge and FLAWLESS! Great App.