First Reactions to Motorola’s Android Phone

winnerThanks to a comment on another post, we’re able to bring you one of the first reactions to Motorola’s inital Android handset.  Here’s what Global Equities analyst Trip Chowdhry has to say

Contacts have seen the new Motorola Android Phone, and all feel the phone is extremely well designed, and probably may be a winner. Contacts tell us that it is slimmer than iPhone, capacitive touch screen seems more precise than iPhone and feels faster than iPhone. The native processing of code on Motorola is much faster than anything out there.

Excited yet?

We can’t tell which handset he is referring, nor whether he knew of others.  Either way, that quote alone is enough to send our pulses racing.

Based on what he’s heard and seen, Chowdry forecasts Motorola to spend at least $70M on advertising.  Could be just what Android needs – a handset maker to advertise on top of whatever else the carriers are doing.

  • David Washington

    I hope it's a K-O phone, cause i'm either returning of selling my MyTouch 3G cause it's just not doing it.

  • sounds like Sholes… Morrison is thicker than iPhone

    • carig

      I hope it's the sholes, the thing is it's also thicker than the iphone (despite being very thin for a keyboard phone), the only thing that could be thinner than the iphone is a touch screen only phone.

      which is interesting because the article mentioned also says "We anticipate one model will launch for T-Mobile with a separate form factor launching for Verizon." which gives the impression that the verizon model can't be the sholes because the sholes' sliding form factor is the same as the morrison's. at least that's the way i understand it

      either way it looks like an awesome device

  • Chrees

    I'm guessing that since it's so thin it won't have a QWERTY keyboard. That's still my #1 factor in getting rid of my G1. And it's most definitely time to get rid of it ASAP.

  • branon

    ….and probably may be a winner.?

    One Too many probably's and maybe's.

  • TareX

    It can't be thinner than the iPhone AND have a qwerty….

    This could be very disappointing (qwerty-less) or incredibly fascinating…

  • Ben

    I am excited about a qwerty-less phone. I find on-screen keyboards easy to use and I like a smaller, easier to handle phone without any sliding/folding/rotating/flipping mechanisms that wear and/or break. I know other people need a physical keyboard, so I hopes it's two phones, one with and one without.

    • TareX

      Qwerty-less are great unless you're playing games, or running emulators.

  • SlickBK

    Here is a look from the motorolla website