Motorola Cliq to be Free? Maybe!

free_moto_blurThe boys at Engadget somehow found their way to a page on T-Mobile that indicated the Motorola Cliq might end up free with a 2-year contract.  Wait!  Stay here… the results page is already gone.  Lucky for us, they grabbed a screen shot for everyone.

The page lists the Motorola Cliq as available in two colors, Winter White and Midnight Titanium.  The price is shown as free on a 2-year plan and $399 outright.  If this ends up being the cost of the Cliq, that sub-$100 price point we were told about is going to happen sooner than we thought!

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For now, treat this as rumor – fun and exciting conjecture.

  • Sam

    Free is ALWAYS the right price point!

  • Craig

    Looks like the results page produces the two phones only without the price shown.

  • menigga

    fuck u too

  • nani

    i dont always belive when it says that its free in the end they end up charching you!!

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