Watch Motorola’s Keynote Here!


moto_logoWatch Motorola CEO Sanjay Jha give the keynote address today at Mobilize ’09!  Learn what it is they’ve been working on with Android and see it live!
We’ll leave the post up afterwards so you can share reactions.


  1. Ruined only by the unprofessional speaker with his mannerism and questions. "Does Palm stand a chance?" …. "Is this how smartphones should all look like?"…. "What came first the iPhone OS or Android?"…….I mean at least have good questions prepared. Be diplomatic. He seems to be trying to create a fight instead of extracting information. "How would you improve the iPhone???"….!!!!!

    That said, I'm excited by MotoBlur, but NOT the hardware…. I mean it's a bit too late to release a G1-esque phone for the holidays. This phone belongs today, not in 3 months. Also, where is the Sholes?….

    It better be really cheap… at least it's not blue. At this moment, the speaker is asking about their predictions for the internet in 2013. Sigh….