What They’re Saying About Motorola Now

cliq_05It’s no secret that today was a pivotal moment in Motorola’s history.  Most analysts and pundits would agree that today was going to be one of those “make or break” days for the company.  What’s up their sleeves?  Will they bounce back?  Are they ready to step back into the spotlight?  In other words, it’s a really big deal to Motorola in how they are viewed going forward.

So how are they being viewed now, merely hours removed from the conference?  We’ve compiled a list of what the guys and gals from around the internet are saying about today’s unveiling.  It’s not all-encompassing, but it should give you a good feel for how people are looking at Motorola now.  This comes from people who were able to get their hands on one as well as people watching from the sideline.

Engadget Mobile – UI is definitely faster than any factory ROM we’ve used before on any Android device.  The device feels absolutely fantastic overall. Pictures don’t do it justice… feels like it’s fashioned from a solid block of metal.  The keyboard feels great. Truly stellar, actually — and we don’t think there’s much room for complaints about layout, unless you’re really into the dedicated horizontal number row.

Gizmodo – Compared to the G1 this thing is svelte…The sliding mechanism feels solid and desirable, as in, I want to open and close the thing all day just to hear the sound. The version I saw was white, and the finish was classy without being ostentatious, and definitely not cheap feeling. There’s a heft to it, but it’s definitely not heavy.

Sascha Segan, PC MagForget the hardware. The Cliq is physically boring. Motorola’s real news is Motoblur, its social-networking-centric variant of Google’s Android OS.

Maribel Lopez, head of Lopez Research-  …User interface, which will be applied over the standard Android operating system and tie together personal information from different social networking sites, surpassed those by Palm Inc. and Apple. The Cliq is a good move for Motorola but they need more than T-Mobile for this to be a raging success.   At the end of the day, there is a huge opportunity out there and now Motorola has a chance to benefit from it.

Avi Greengart, Current Analysis – It’s hard to underestimate how important this launch is for Motorola as a going concern in terms of being a handset vendor. When you look at it from a carrier-by-carrier perspective, and look at the experience that Motoblur provides, that should be enough to keep Motorola going.

Eric Zeman, Information Week – I have to be honest, the crowd here at the GigaOM Mobilize Conference seemed a bit underwhelmed by Motorola’s announcements today. From my perspective, it (MOTOBLUR) is exactly like Palm’s Synergy contact management system. The device received a luke-warm reception at most from the packed audience here at the conference. Granted, we didn’t get to see too much about it, but Jha was sure to note that this is the first step from Motorola as it takes the long road back to recovery.

Therese Poletti, MarketWatch – It appears Motorola is trying to take a page from its last hot phone, the Razr… The name itself, Cliq, seems to be aiming at teenagers or Paris Hilton wannabes. Clearly, the company is trying to capitalize on the social networking/Web 2.0 trend. It’s a strategy that could prove risky.

John Paczkowski, All Things D – “It is the first of a broad line of handsets, all running Android and Motoblur, that will be targeted at different customer segments around the world. A wise strategy in the current market? Who knows? But at least it’s a step in the right direction.

Now it’s your turn to weigh in.  We want to hear what you think of the Motorola Cliq and MOTOBLUR.  Sounds off in the comments!

  • I can't help but be underwhelmed with the same Qualcomm MSM7201A processor and 256 MB RAM that my G1 has. The screen is actually slightly smaller and the device is not any thinner than the G1. I cannot find specifications on the number of colors displayed, as opposed to supported, but I'm hoping that is the one thing that it improves besides camera resolution.

    I believe MOTOBLUR is a step in the right direction but it is not groundbreaking, and we are all waiting to see how this constantly-connected "stream" will affect battery performance. I was slightly annoyed that Motorola failed to give Android the credit and focus it deserved. It seemed as though they took the HTC approach: Pass it off the idea of home screen widgets and customizations as new and unique to mobile OS.

    While the Cliq seems poised to do well in its target demographic (social network users), Motorola failed to deliver to all of us Android fans, waiting for a truly high-end Android device, that we can all be proud of. With its increasingly active role in the development arena of Android, I expected Motorola to announce a phone that would cater to the "prosumers" desires.

    I will continue to wait for an Android phone, with a physical keyboard, that is worthy of replacing my trusty G1.

    I was expecting more from Motorola today.

    • Correction – the G1 has 192 MB of RAM and only 71 MB of ROM – the Cliq has 256 and 512 respectively. These are welcomed improvements over the G1, however, my sentiments toward the Cliq and todays announcements remain.

    • TareX

      My exact feelings. This phone has the same G1 processor, only on a smaller screen, and coming more than a year later.

      I agree with PCmag, the real news was "Synergy for Android". I'm almost sure now that we should expect something similar for Windows Mobile 7 this Christmas…

    • David

      Well said, Paul. This might help draw in more customers – those who stick with the iPhone because they think it's prettier than the G1 – but I don't expect to see a lot of G1 customers making the switch. It makes more sense to wait for a real hardware upgrade.

  • Fatalah

    Can you speculate whether or not Sholes will be coming to Verizon? Motorola DID say they had a second phone for Holiday '09.

    Did Verizon pull their representative from today's conference to avoid having to share the spotlight with T-Mobile? I just want Android on the best carrier in my area! Do some digging! Please!

  • John

    I agree with iPaul. The Cliq interface seemed like a mesh of Rosie and the Palm Pre. The 1400maH battery I saw on another site that was quoted as coming with is a step up from both the MyTouch and the G1, and it will need every amp of it for the constant syncing it will do.

  • It lacks anything innovative to differentiate it from new smartphones from Palm, HTC, and Apple. No mention of flash support and doesn't have mult-touch zoom (HTC hero has these). In my opinion, the HTC Hero is still the top Android dog.

  • Lemon

    My Magic constantly syncs and the battery lasts fine. I'm not sure that having syncing is going to do any worse damage than a current Android handsets running a bunch of "always on" services….

  • i've gotta admit… i'm not really excited about this

    it really does seem to be aimed at the teen crowd

    i'm more interested in how well my cell phone will help me in my work – this seems like a toy

    also.. it just doesn't have that "wow" look to it

  • Fobby Mick

    I was at the announcement. Having watched Motorola and worked with them before, I have to still say they are not a software company and this will do as poorly as their efforts to design a set top box interface. At the heart of this, we still see a mindset at Motorola where they come out looking like a control freak. Motoblur in my opinion is WAP Decks 2.0 at best.

  • dustpupy

    Big bucket of meh.

  • Michael

    The HTC Hero is no more targeted to people who like to social network (as what it seems to be said here "Teenagers and Paris Hilton Wannabes"), than the Cliq. The fact is that now, social networking is fun/important. I believe that Hero just implements it in a more sexy-esque fashion. The MotoBlur design is clearly created to seem 'fun' for people who will take it that way, the design aesthetics are everythin.g

  • i always love motorolla, and now, love it more and more..