Quick Look: Flyscreen for Android

quick_look_flydroidScott takes a few minutes to show what Flyscreen for Android is and how it works.  Check out one of the hottest new apps in town, which is currently available to a limited number of beta users. See what it is that everyone is talking about!

Have you downloaded it yet?  What’s your take on Flyscreen?

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  1. @pwarnock
    September 11, 05:40 Reply

    Resource-wise, how expensive is it? I'm maxed out and already dropping apps, but this looks really cool.

    • @c0z
      September 11, 05:46 Reply

      I don't find it to be too much of a resource hog. I haven't noticed any considerable amount of battery life difference since installing it, and I have had it since the first release.

      There are still a lot of kinks that they are working out, and it appears that they truly are making an effort to get things right. Unfortunately, with such a limited user-base right now, the only feedback is coming from those who are helping to locate the problems instead of just complaining about them. But I am hopeful that a solid release is on the horizon.

    • Abel
      September 14, 11:23 Reply

      You should seriously consider rooting your phone. I am using Cyanogens newest stable release and thanks to its incredible apps2sd integrations I am free to install however many apps I choose with no worry of free internal memory space. The only problem is having to organize hundreds of apps to quickly find the one I'm looking for…a minor sacrifice :)

  2. c0z
    September 11, 06:06 Reply

    Oops, meant to comment on that with my account here. And since I'm here, I'll add another little piece of info:

    I've been in correspondence with the FlyScreen Twitter person over the last week, and they have been very helpful in efforts to resolve my issues with their app. I feel this is really important since it keeps the feeling of community going for Android users when they can interact directly with software developers/companies.

    • peterwarnock
      September 11, 06:11 Reply

      I totally agree. I'm an early adopter of Foursquare and Waze and support/interaction for both has been great. I was a Twidroid user the day the G1 came out and they've been very responsive to my feedback.

      • c0z
        September 11, 06:16 Reply

        TwiDroid is basically my most used and favorite application on my G1. I mean, sure, other things are useful, but nothing tops my Twitterfeed. Twitter is easier to follow than sloppy RSS readers. Additionally, I only have to download 140 characters at a time, and if I want to read more, I can. I'm not subjected to reading the amount of article the person/service controlling an RSS wants me to.

        I was thinking I was getting off subject–but this is another thing I love about FlyScreen. I can read the RSS from their original posters right on the menu screen, which I have dubbed the "Limbo" screen since it's not really on or off. If TwiDroid took a spin at getting their tweets in there, it would be magic. But my favorite feature of FlyScreen itself is the SMS integration on the Limbo screen. They are easy to flip through and you can respond right from their application.

        • peterwarnock
          September 11, 06:44 Reply

          I installed the new Facebook app this morning and I love the widget. I'd like to see Twidroid develop a widget.

  3. TareX
    September 11, 06:41 Reply

    WOW…. this is super amazing. You can check all your RSS feeds and (with motoblur, facebook) from the lock screen without unlocking the phone!!!! That is simply fantastic.

    My only gripe is the choppy scrolling between app pages (probably bec the processor isn't running full power when the phone is locked), which is more of a reason why I need a next-gen Android phone (with Tegra)….

  4. David
    September 11, 07:42 Reply

    Freakin awesome software! Also the development team are really responsive and helpful- you really feel like they take into consideration what the public want.

  5. WootRoot
    September 11, 11:43 Reply

    Scott, would you be interested in changing your wallpaper? I've manager to be able to change the wall paper to a custom one fairly easily, if your interested hit me up with the bg you want and ill make it happen for you guys.

  6. WootRoot
    September 11, 11:45 Reply

    lol the g1 added a . after the website url for my name oops 😛

  7. Drizzle
    September 11, 17:55 Reply

    I have flydroid…IMO its cool and neat for a few minutes but after, Id rather just have the regular lock screen. With Cyanogen 4.0.4 (and not sure about the others), I get the initial lock screen on my first menu push, then the second push I get the flydroid, and a third push I get back to my screen. I been killing my pandora lately and when Im trying to hurry up and turn it off (at work usually), going through all that is kinda more of a hassle than anything. Now I do like what it does, and it does it very well. It runs in the background and does not slow my phone at all. It for me is a preference thing really (as anything).

  8. WootRoot
    September 11, 18:01 Reply

    Drizzle, have you updated to the latest flyscreen?

  9. @GodsMoon
    September 11, 19:20 Reply

    I'm still confused on why this is on the lock screen. If you can browse the web (using saved passwords) and update twitter without unlocking your phone then I don't see the use in ever locking your phone…
    Interface is cool though, just seems like it would be better as a home replacement app instead of a locking screen app. Maybe I'm just biased towards Smart Lock.

      • peterwarnock
        September 13, 18:06 Reply

        The user is deciding what should be behind the firewall and what is acceptable to display. I lock my phone so that somebody can't log in, change the password, and hijack my account. If somebody got a hold of locked phone and posted a rogue update, how much damage can they do?

  10. mando
    September 12, 00:42 Reply

    looks like just another home replacement app…pls tell me u can change the background

  11. agoest
    September 11, 22:49 Reply

    please Resize screen ?? and tree folder

  12. Aaron
    December 01, 17:52 Reply

    Really good app, however had to get rid of it because it was simply too easy to unlock!

  13. Ellen Castaneda
    October 14, 21:53 Reply

    I assume this flyscreen android in not but at the same time very luxurious because of the machinery that was used.

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