Third Time’s a Charm for My MyTouch3G

mytouch3g_black_redJust yesterday I ordered myself a brand, new black myTouch 3G (MT3G).  Now mind you this is my third unit as the first two were taken back to T-Mobile due to ‘technical difficulties’.  I’ve been hesitant all along – I could not justify a device that is physically one-half of my beloved G1 at fifty more dollars.

What was it that convinced me to try it one more time?  The Oprah Effect has been spreading through T-Mobile this month and it’s very contagious.

I believe I am going to keep this unit despite the lust that overcame me yesterday as I watched Motorola unveil the Cliq and MOTOBLUR.  The MT3G is almost the perfect device as long as I have the HTC IME keyboard installed alongside apps like Advanced Task Manager.  Need to keep that memory freed up!  Oh, and root access doesn’t hurt either.  But I digress…

I’m hoping for the day the MOTOBLUR UI makes its way onto my G1, making it a faster, more efficient layer of Android.  You listening XDA?

I am truly excited about Android’s future.  The platform’s  agnosticism seems to be disappearing by the week.  Open source development will be fully realized as additional OEMs introduce more devices into the marketplace. Until the mythical Archos tablet running Android appears the MT3G is my stop-gap device for now.

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  1. Tmob
    September 11, 19:07 Reply

    BFS works wonders on the MT3G

    • Sam
      September 11, 20:30 Reply

      Yeah, that's what I'm hearing. I have 4.1.7 experimental on one SD card but it was a little buggy but FAST.

  2. HereAndNow
    September 11, 19:33 Reply

    It's good to see both HTC & Motorola doing some REALLY creative stuff with the Android UI. It will be interesting to see how Sony Ericsson's Rachael pans out.

    I'm REALLY curious if Android 2.0 will introduce some exciting new UI stuff, in the standard install. The standard install is certainly usable & it is skinable, but a little more eye candy wouldn't hurt.

  3. Sam
    September 11, 20:29 Reply

    I use to look forward to the TMO updates but now I run Hero on one unit and Cyanogen 4.0.4 stable on the other. The Cyanogen ROMs give multi-touch, super fast UI speeds, auto rotating home screen, and the ability to run up to 7 screens.

  4. Chris
    September 11, 22:14 Reply

    I can't wait to get off tmobile and use android on another carrier. Spotty EDGE coverage while at work is killing me. Ironically, 3G is great at home, where I don't need it.

  5. TareX
    September 12, 08:25 Reply

    Most underwhelming phone of the year. I'd say the first 2 MyTouches that busted were a sign… you just wouldn't listen…

    • Sam
      September 12, 12:43 Reply

      LOL. You don't know what the technical difficulties were. 😉

  6. Apollo
    September 16, 07:19 Reply

    Writer Sam, how is it one user manages to get two bad mT3G phones? It sounds like you're a novice to some extent. I saw a post from a user at XDA forums claiming he went through 5 phones. What on earth is your criteria for returning devices? This is a valid question as 99.9% of users will get perfectly working devices and 0.1% will go through multiple devices (i.e. device hypochondria).

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