Facebook for Android “Not as Good as iPhone’s”

apples_to_orangesIn the first couple of days since Facebook released their Android application to the market, I’ve being reading some reviews and receiving some tweets with people complaining about the app. Almost all the complaints were comparing the application to the iPhone version.  Is it fair to compare the two?

Ok my point here fellow Android users:  When did the Facebook app for the iPhone came out and how many updates have we seen so far?  Try to take these things into consideration before making any complaints.

This is a brand new, 1.0 version of the app and it has really impressed me.  I owned a 1st-gen iPhone and tried the Facebook app when it came out.  In my opinion, the Android app is way better.

Knowing both Facebook and the Android community, I expect major updates over the coming weeks and months to push our application to the next level – possibly even more features than the iPhone. All we need is just a little patience.

  • robert b

    Sadly what you said is a under statement. Its like the first car that was made while IPhones FB is a Corvette. I’m still using Babbler. Shame on FB!

  • john c

    I agree the official app sucks, I prefer Bloo right now.

  • Andrew Bell

    The fact is this is the first release, it's ok one or two more things and it will be a great product. The old adage less is more comes to mind, I think Facebook Lite is proving that against the full version of Facebook!

  • TareX

    At least Android's FB app has a homescreen widget…

  • Jody

    isn't the iphone FB app only like 2 weeks old too? Isn't it a 1.0 release too? regardless. Stop worrying about what other people have. Is it that ridiculous to think that the iphone (significantly more popular than android at this point) got a better app? Had more time focused on it?

    • Fernando

      Only 2 weeks old? I have been using the Facebook for iPhone app since I got my iPod Touch December of year. You must be referring to the NEW release has been out for a few weeks.

  • Fernando

    I'm not an Android user but looking into giving up on WinMo when Sprint releases the HTC Hero. Like Juan said this is the 1st iteration of the app. The 1.0 WinMo app released SUCKS but I think Microsoft made it.

    Facebook has had a lot of time, resources and motivation to poor into making the iPhone app what it is now. Until the other platforms have a higher popularity, it'll stay that way.

  • JustAPhoneUser

    It is not a bad start. It loads quickly and in general performs well. The main screen pops up right away and accepts input for a comment before the feeds load in. Good asynchronous programming! It has far fewer features then the other apps on the market, but seems to perform better. As others have implied, I am guessing that they will be bolting features onto this core. After all, they already have the back-end (server) api's done for the iPhone and that is most of the work. The rest of the features are just incremental bolt-ons. Just wait….

  • BanterBoy

    Anyone who is complaining about this app being no-where near as good as the i-phone app, clearly bought the wrong phone. As a first time release from Facebook, it is far better than any of the other abortive attempts that send you to the mobile website at every given opportunity.

    Like the man says, stop complaining and comparing and have some patience or sell your android phone to someone who will appreciate and go and get yourself an i-phone.

    Not exactly a difficult solution and plus we don't have to listen you you whining.

    • Miguel

      Actually, the official Facebook app does send you to m.facebook,com for everything, other than entering your status, commenting, of liking.

  • yeah they need to work on their app.

  • Ian

    Now… a year later… it’s still a piece of s#!t

  • stillbad

    after using the current facebook app, is good but not anywhere near as good as just opening a bookmark to your profile. I guess that not force quitting its a plus, but what’s with the lack of a delete post button since facebook won’t let you edit? Also how come notification links to photos don’t work? Installing until the next release.