HTC Tattoo Outed at $469 Unlocked

tattoo_06The price for an unlocked HTC Tattoo has surfaced over at Expansys.  Selling for $469.99 unlocked,  it might seem a bit high at first glance.  However, as HTC Source points out, this is $100 less than what they’re selling the HTC Hero at.  Doing a little fraction work, they estimate that the Tattoo would bow at about $149 here in the US.

At this price point, it’s  $50 lower than T-Mobile‘s myTouch 3G and right where the G1 is currently.   Going with a slightly smaller, resistive touch screen for more memory sounds like a equitable trade off for the casual users.

What really irks us is knowing that the Tattoo will be free with European carriers.  It will be interesting to see if and when this hits a US carrier.  We already know the new Motorola Cliq is rumored to be free on contract for T-Mobile.

  • Herbert

    They've crippled the Tattoo with that QVGA resistive screen. It's like it has no real purpose other than to encourage customers to spend a bit more and buy the Hero. If it was really intended for

    Expansys are offering it for £329 in the UK, which is roughly $550, so you get the better deal there. And whilst European carriers do offer devices for free, it's important to note that you cannot cancel those contracts. If you agree to pay £40 per month, for 18 months, then you must continue paying it even if you stop using that carrier.

  • TareX

    No way should anyone pay that kind of money for a touch-only small screen phone with QVGA…

  • Which is a totally ridiculous pricing. It cost them less than 100 dollars to manufacture it. HTC is making 400% profit margins on each unlocked phone sold. Ridiculous. I'm looking forward to real competition coming to the Android market.

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