App Review: AK Notepad and MyBackup

myTouchApps-AKNotepad1-200x300Ever since I purchased my G1, I’ve been using these two applications in tandem.  AK Notepad is your basic, no-nonsense note pad that gives you multiple themes, auto links for e-mail addresses and URLs, and LED/vibrate notification.

The beautiful part comes from using MyBackup.  If you move between devices or are obsessive about backing up your notes (I am because I frequently use encoded messages to remember various passwords), you should consider it too.


I use the free version of MyBackup to backup and restore my AK Notes and my browser bookmarks (among many other data), especially handy if you wipe a device to get it ready for a new ROM.  However, AK Notepad works well on its own as it features an export/import feature to your SD card for quick use.

These apps compliment one another very well and are very user friendly.  While there are many similar apps like these in the Android Market, most of us are looking for quality and not quantity.  These offer both.

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  1. stevec
    September 13, 20:30 Reply has a much better solution. It is the ultimate note taking solution which sync with a web site. So, you can enter your notes via their web site or on your phone and synchronize them.

    • Kodoque
      September 14, 20:09 Reply

      I concur with steve. is my ultimate note taking solution…

  2. Rich
    March 13, 13:06 Reply

    I prefer SlickNote. It's simpler with less features, but it loads faster, still does everything I need, and it has a cool picture of android in the background (Which is all the reason I need to use it!)

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