The Weather Channel Adds New Features to Android App

twcOne of the most popular apps in all of Android has recently added some new features.  The Weather Channel app now allows for users to click on interactive, expandable ads that link to WAP sites, video, locations, and directly to phone calls – all within the weather application.   

Further, the app incorporates their widget so customers can get current conditions and severe weather alert indicators on main screen of their Android handset.  You can get the new, updated app for free in the Android Market.


  • Too bad they added ads too 🙁

    • stevec

      Don't you just luv capitalism. I make it a point to NOT buy anything I see in an ad.

  • Joel H

    Thanks for the warning. I love the Weather Channel app, but how does any of that crap help me? Just adding ads to what they already had would have been fine with me. No upgrade for me!

  • Jack

    My "now" tab no longer updates regularly with this new release. It might update after several hours have passed. The only immediate update I get is if I INSTALL THE APPLICATION. So for now, if I want temp, I look at 10 hour listing and guestimate what it is based on their prediction.

  • James

    It's also a battery hog too!

  • stevec

    I deleted the widget because it brought my phone to a crawl. Also, I got so many notifications that I was constantly having to clear them.

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