App Review: Pixelpipe Pro Beta 1.1

MainPageWith so many ways to share your media online (Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, blogs etc) it can be a task to get your media uploaded to each destination without having to upload to each site separately. This is where an application like Pixelpipe Pro comes in very handy.

[quote]Pixelpipe allows you to upload your pictures, videos and audio to over 100 sites and blogs, with the ability to add custom destinations for blogs not already included. This is made simple by creating a Pixelpipe account and then choosing which sites you want to share your media to. You can set up default locations so when you upload the media you don’t have to always choose the destination. When you start the app it displays the pictures you have on your phone and by clicking on the phone’s menu button you can switch to videos and audio.  You then select the media you want to upload and can either send it directly to your default locations or chose which locations you want to send it to by clicking “Upload to…” This is one of the key differences in this beta version and perhaps the key to getting more people to use the app.

I have tested uploading pics to Twitter, Facebook, Photobucket, Picasa and my blog and also videos to YouTube and have had no problems doing this (although a slight issue adding YouTube to my destinations). It is quick and works really well.

As well as uploading media you can update social networking sites status and create blog updates. This mean you can upload your media to your blog and create a new blog at the same time. You do this within the “post” tab and you can switch between blog post or status post by clicking the menu button on your phone.  Posting a status updates the status of your default locations (Twitter, Facebook etc).

You can also use “routing tags” to change the media’s destination. You have other options such as geo tagging and looking at what you have uploaded recently. As well as doing this through the app on your Android phone, you can also access the Pixelpipe website and upload from there.

Even though this is a beta version (you can access the current Pro and Lite versions in the market) it has worked really well and promises to be a great app once it comes out of beta. I have experienced a problem or two but that is to be expected and once the testing is over I am sure the developer will have ironed out these problems.

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